Services for Entrepreneurs & Family Business

Green Horwood & Co’s partners realize that the entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses have very unique needs, and often require tailored solutions. Addressing these needs requires us to understand and listen to issues extending beyond normal day-to-day business matters.


If you are a business owner, you are probably interested in saving money and time, while growing your business and keeping things as simple as possible. You want to work with a business team that understands your company’s needs, concerns and opportunities.

We particularly enjoy working with entrepreneurs, providing a full range of integrated solutions for all stages of the business cycle. We take a personal interest and pride in our clients’ success and recognize that our role is to provide a foundation of support so that our entrepreneurial clients can each focus on growing their businesses and fulfilling their potential.

Some of the services our team offers to entrepreneurs include:

  • Assisting with purchasing an established business;
  • Advising start-ups and new businesses;
  • Implementing accounting systems and appropriate financial controls;
  • Advising on the potential sale of a business and maximizing after-tax proceeds;
  • Advising on Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SRED) tax credits;
  • Proper structuring of investment holding corporations and family trusts; and
  • Helping business owners make good financial decisions.

Family Business

Serving established businesses with varying degrees of family-involvement is an important component of our business. Some of the unique issues we encounter for our family businesses clients include family compensation structuring, business succession, and wealth preservation challenges.

Our partners and experienced staff are ready to provide valuable insight for the unique challenges faced by family businesses. We are proud to service a number of successful family businesses that have managed successful family transitions and businesses that have thrived for generations.

One of our strengths results from the knowledge we develop about our client’s affairs. This allows us to comprehend underlying issues that may be critical to the long-term success of a family business.

Although the needs of our family business clients are extremely broad, some of the services our team offers include:

  • Explaining and implementing estate freeze transactions;
  • Effective estate planning to contemplate business continuity and to maintain family harmony;
  • Advising on proposed financial succession transactions;
  • Advising on structuring family trusts to promote flexibility and tax efficiency;
  • Services to reduce risk and exposure to creditors.