Canadian Tax Planning and Tax Compliance

Appropriate tax planning and structuring is vital to the success of any business. It is also a key ingredient in long-term financial planning for you and your family.

Recognizing the important role that our tax services play, we devote substantial resources to keeping current with the constant changes in Canadian tax, so that our clients can be confident that their taxes are minimized in an ethical manner.

In addition to our tax specialists, all partners and experienced staff at Green Horwood & Co are well-versed in domestic taxation issues, and can assist you with identifying opportunities with respect to corporate, personal and trust income tax planning and filings.

Standard Tax Services for Individuals

Most Canadian-resident individuals are required to file an annual tax return reporting their world income. We prepare personal tax returns for a wide spectrum of individuals, including wealthy individuals and clients with very complex affairs.

In addition to competently preparing tax returns, we strive to foster trusting relationships with our clients, and our intimate knowledge of their affairs allows us to deliver extra value. We are proud to have been serving many individuals and families for decades.

We also represent our clients in dealings with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This includes handling simple issues such as responding to CRA requests and more complex issues such as assisting with formal CRA appeal procedures and filing voluntary disclosure submissions where appropriate.

Any client of our firm can be assured that we take our responsibility to protect privacy and confidentiality very seriously.

Standard Tax Services for Corporations

Canadian-resident corporations need to file an annual tax return. The actual tax balance is due either two or three months after the corporation’s year-end.

As part of our standard year-end accounting service for corporate clients, we carefully prepare corporate income tax returns and other required tax returns or tax elections. Our comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ accounting affairs often allows us to recognize opportunities to minimize tax, and our standard service includes appropriate tax planning for owner-manager compensation, as well as assistance with any commodity tax issues.

For clients with more complex affairs, we assist in a number of value-added tax services including:

  • structuring corporations and corporate groups to ensure maximum tax-efficiency;
  • planning tax-deferred transfers of assets (including section 85 rollover transfers and butterfly transactions); and
  • planning to minimize tax leakage after an owner’s death.

Standard Tax Services for Trusts

Canadian-resident trusts (including estates) are generally required to file an annual tax return, due 90 days after the end of the trust’s year. In addition to preparing these returns and advising on how the trust or its beneficiaries should be taxed, we also offer comprehensive advice on implementing and appropriately structuring trusts. Trusts can be a powerful and flexible tool in certain situations.